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Modern Office

We provide real estate valuation and advisory support to help clients make the best property decisions, such as acquisition, sale and purchase, rent advice and review, financial reporting, loan advancement, and performance measurement, allocation of choices, investment strategy, amongst others.


Our advisory services research beyond current value assessments to understand market trends and dynamics, competing assets and projected income; and the overall market dynamics affecting the present and future value of various types of property.

Our team provides a valuable understanding of various property fundamentals, client data, and the overall market dynamics affecting the present and future value of various types of properties; and understand how important advisory services can be to investors and owners in strategic planning, provided that reporting is accurate, transparent, objective and reliable, and in accordance with the international best practice.

We share a commitment to providing advisory services that best deliver the highest level of service, with market-driven, and well-supported analysis to justify current market values of various property types.


Our offerings include:

  • Assets Valuations

  • Single and Portfolio Valuations

  • Valuation for Annual Financial Reporting

  • Development and Investment Valuations

  • Insurance and Mortgage Valuations

  • Compensation Valuations

  • Valuation Review and Management

  • Broker Opinion of Value

  • Market, Feasibility, and Highest Best Use Studies

  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

  • Acquisition, Sales, and Due Diligence

  • Lease Analysis

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