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Building Facade

The property management arm operates as a one-stop-shop property services division, providing real-time solutions to national and multinational investors, corporate owners and occupiers of all types of property in the residential, commercial, retail, industrial property market of the economy; without compromise to making rapid and smart decisions that help you achieve the highest level of productivity.

Our service offering is an all-inclusive property and facilities management; carefully carved to maximizing optimum property value, manage physical space, landlord-tenant relationship, rent collection, and remittance, provide accurate service charge and maintenance audit, prompt lease renewal and restructuring, promote building brand, value to support landlord’s ownership goals.


The team works on behalf of property owners, and do more than searching selecting and signing tenants; we also help to target and qualify tenants based on your risk acceptance by factoring in local practice, market dynamics, credit rating, and business history. The team creates a marketing framework that rightly positioned the property in the marketplace and secures the right tenants with the right security measures to protect your investment; and work closely with developers, investors, retailers, owners, and tenants to deliver genuine and reliable solutions in lease advisory, occupier services consulting, real estate advisory and retail/shopping center leasing and management.

We parade the best breeds of qualified property managers in the industry, and an excellent working relationship with other property and facilities management advisers and consultants; with the aim of helping you meet your investment goals by taking a proactive approach to securing tenants and maximizing rental rates, centrally manage your leases, reduce costs and identify opportunities to renegotiate and take advantage of new market opportunities.

Our expertise and deep knowledge of the local real estate market provide accurate, reliable, and time-value advice in all property services, viz-a-viz:

  1. Property & Facilities Management Services

  2. Rent Collection, Rent Renewal & Restructuring

  3. Rent Studies

  4. Lease Management and Administration

  5. Service Charge Collection and Administration

  6. Building Inspection (Pre and Post Vacation Inspection) and Audit

  7. CRE Stress Test

  8. Amongst others 


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